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Bio: About Carolyn Keene, author of Nancy Drew mystery books

Carolyn Keene is a writer pen name that was used by many different people- both men and women- over the years. The company that was the creator of the Nancy Drew series, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, hired a variety of writers. For Nancy Drew, the writers used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene to assure anonymity of the creator.

Edna and Harriet Stratemeyer inherited the company from their father Edward Stratemeyer. Edna contributed 10 plot outlines before passing the reins to her sister. While Harriet is often credited as Carolyn Keene, several other authors assumed the pseudonym of Caroyn Keene.

Starting in 1953, Harriet authored 24 volumes. In 1959, Harriet, along with several writers, began a 25-year project to revise the earlier Carolyn Keene novels. The Nancy Drew books were condensed, racial stereotypes were removed, and the language was updated. In a few cases, outdated plots were completely rewritten.

Other writers of Nancy Drew volumes include Mildred Wirt Benson who created 23 novels, including the first three Nancy Drew novels. The role of the writer of “Carolyn Keene” passed temporarily to Walter Karig who wrote three novels during the Great Depression. Also contributing to Nancy Drew’s prolific existence were Leslie McFarlane, James Duncan Lawrence, Nancy Axelrod, Priscilla Doll, Charles Strong, Alma Sasse, Wilhelmina Rankin, George Waller Jr., and Margaret Scherf.

Start with these Recommended Books by Carolyn Keene

New to Nancy Drew?

Nancy Drew Starter Set

by Carolyn Keene

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This set includes Secret of Red Gate Farm, Secret of Shadow Ranch, Mystery at Lilac Inn, Bungalow Mystery, Hidden Staircase, Secret of the Old Clock. Great introduction for someone new to Nancy Drew!

New Nancy Drew Mystery:

Intrigue At The Grand Opera (172) (2003-03-01)

by Carolyn Keene

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One of the most recent Nancy Drew mystery books. When the curtain goes down, the real drama begins The American Grand Opera has come to River Heights to perform Tosca, Aida, and The Marriage of Figaro, and Nancy’s friend Bess is going to be a chorus extra. It’s all so exciting for the girls; the costumes, the music, the glamor! Little do they expect, though, the drama that will take place backstage. When a falling sandbag from the scenery catwalk nearly misses the two female stars of the opera during a dress rehearsal, Nancy begins to suspect foul play.

Nancy Drew Notebooks: For beginning readers ages 5-8:

Big Worry In Wonderland (2003-02-01)

by Carolyn Keene

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THERE’S TROUBLE IN WONDERLAND — THE MAD HATTER’S HAT IS MISSING! Nancy’s class is performing Alice in Wonderland and everyone is busy practicing for the big day. Rehearsals are running smoothly until the Mad Hatter, pesky Orson Wong, discovers that his “magic” hat has vanished. How will the Mad Hatter remember his lines without it? Sounds like a case for Nancy Drew. But Nancy’s not so sure she wants to solve this one — Orson is such a pest! Even worse, Orson wants to help Nancy solve his own case, and Nancy’s friends won’t even investigate the case if he’s around. Will a new partner mean saying good-bye to old friends? And can Nancy and Orson uncover the Hatter’s hat before curtain time?

Nancy Drew Files: For the slightly older reader ages 11 and up:

Crime At The Chat Cafe (1997-12-01)

by Carolyn Keene

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Nancy’s on the net, and there’s danger online.

Nancy Drew On Campus: For an older audience (ages 13 and up), with a touch of romance:

New Lives, New Loves (Nancy Drew On Campus 1) (1995-09-01)

by Carolyn Keene

First Chapter
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Beginning her first semester at a coed dorm at Wilder University, Nancy Drew finds adventure in a series of dorm thefts, a handsome pre-med student, and her changing relationship with Ned.

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