The Secret in the Spooky Woods (2004-09-21)

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62. The Secret in the Spooky Woods (2004-09-21)

by Carolyn Keene

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Things are looking pretty strange in River Heights. Even Nancy Drew’s chocolate lab seems to be involved in the case. Somebody wants people to think that the park is haunted! Or might it really be haunted? Nancy sure doesn’t think so, but the evidence seems to be piling up. And, without a good list of suspects to put in her trusty blue notebook, it seems like The Secret in the Spooky Woods might never be solved. There’s a classmate who likes to scare girls. There’s a ranger who might not really like kids around. And there seems to be no answer in sight for Amrica’s favorite girl detective.

No matter how spooky it looks, Nancy will be able to figure it all out before the last page is turned. The Secret in the Spooky Woods is a great read for fans of Carolyn Keene’s mysteries, and highly recommended.

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