The Demon of River Heights (2005-10-13)

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1. The Demon of River Heights (2005-10-13)

by Carolyn Keene

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Grade 4 Up-The latest incarnation of children’s literature’s most famous girl detective is this crisp, stylish graphic novel. Although fully updated with new stories; dark, edgy illustrations; and all the latest technological gadgets, the plot is drawn out in classic Carolyn Keene-style-all action at a brisk pace. Nancy tracks down two missing film students while uncovering a businessman’s sinister plot to blow up a depleted iron mine. While investigating, she fights off a bear, gets lost in the woods, falls down a mineshaft, and reveals the identity of the Demon of River Heights, all without a scratch or a hair out of place. The sleuth’s 21st-century makeover introduces traditional mysteries to the world of juvenile graphic novels, and is most welcome.

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