Books About Nancy Drew

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There have been a number of reference books about Nancy Drew through the years.

  • Carolyn Stewart Dyer and Nancy T. Romalov (editor), Rediscovering Nancy Drew, 1995
  • Stephen Dunning and Henry B. Maloney (editors), A Superboy, Supergirl Anthology: Selected Chapters From the Earlier Works of Victor Appleton, Franklin W. Dixon, and Carolyn Keene, 1971
  • Karen Plunkett-Powell, The Nancy Drew Scrapbook, St. Martin’s Press, 1993
  • Betsy Caprio, The Mystery of Nancy Drew: Girl Sleuth on the Couch, Source Books, 1992
  • David Farah, Farah’s Price Guide to Nancy Drew Books and Collectibles, Farah’s Books, 1990
  • Peggy Herz, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Scholastic Books, 1977
  • Bobbi Ann Mason, The Girl Sleuth, 1974
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